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If there is one vitamin that is essential for super smooth skin, it is vitamin E

If there is one vitamin that is essential for super smooth skin, it is vitamin E. Antioxidant and superpower healer E is an exceptional age-defying ingredient in skin care lotions.

Ultraviolet rays from the sun may damage the skin, decrease elasticity, and lead to wrinkles, but vitamin E one of the most effective antioxidants works to prevent sun damage to the skin.

Research in the Journal of Nutrition in 2001 showed that tocotrienols, one of vitamin E\’s many components, are the kingpins in antiaging skin care. If tests of tocotrieols on human skin give the same positive results as laboratory results, we will have another natural skin treatment to help us age gracefully. In truth, it will take several generations to prove the benefits of caring for the skin with topically applied lotions that contain tocotrienols. However, evidence so far leaves no doubt that the question about tocotrienols will be a confirmed Yes. Watch for vitamin E tocotrienols in new and improved natural health skin care products.

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