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Vegan and vegetarian diets provide a bunch of health benefits. Studies show that these diets have links with weight loss, lower risk of heart disease, cancer prevention, and overall better health. How
Prebiotics are a group of nutrients that act as food for the microbiota in the stomach. This process both encourages the growth of healthy gut bacteria and also releases compounds with a range of othe
Love delicious healthy recipes? And giving back to good causes? Then you\'ll definitely love the 2019 edition of Culinary Nutrition\'s donate-what-you-can cookbook.From Scratch Cooking contains 50 epic
Don’t let pumpkin hog all the glory! Try using butternut squash in vegetarian quesadillas, soups, and salads.Pumpkin gets all the glory at this time of year, but there’s another gourd that deserves ou
Pulses are one of the world’s healthiest foods (for people and the planet). They’re an excellent source of protein, saturated fat free, and high in fiber. And that’s not all: studies have shown that a
01Sacha inchi seeds Sacha inchi seeds’ mother plant (Plukenetia volubilis) is recognizable by its four-to seven-pointed star-shaped fruit, which contains the cherished seeds. While the fruit itself is

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