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If you still haven’t quite figured out how to spend your summer vacation but are looking to try something a little different, adventure travel might be just the
Here in the United States, we’ve battling against cigarette smoking for 50 years. And yet, lots of people smoke. That is even truer as you travel around the wor
When you stop and look at the statistics, it becomes clear that it’s a big dangerous world out there. Particularly for international travelers when they take to
It’s that time of year when golfers start to get the itch; they’re dying to play. Over the next few weeks, thousands upon thousands of golfers will head away wi
So, you heard about those delicious Swedish meatballs that are made from horsemeat. And, if you’re American, you likely recoiled in horror, spat out a few choic
If you’re daydreaming about your upcoming spring break vacation, you’re probably thinking about that vibrant tropical drink with fruit slices and those delicate

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