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When the relocation is done, how do you find your people? After almost 20 years in Toronto, my partner’s job took us to Prague and then (16 months later) to Upp

Planes, Trains & Pets

Your Step-by-Step Gide to Traveling with Pets In 2016 it seems the trend of bringing your pet along for the ride is on the rise. But how to do such a thing resp
Whether traveling, relocating or digital nomading, your health insurance will depend on your nationality or residency, or what your employer has set up for you,
The time of year for travel is here now!  All over the world, this is the time that travelers get active.  Sleep apnea patients can rest assured, traveling with
When you decide to become an expat, you immediately create a huge list of “To-Dos”. In addition to preparing your belongings, finding an apartment abroad, deali
Business travel can put a lot of strain on your body and can often leave you suffering from jet lag, lack of sleep, unhealthy meals, too much coffee, and the st

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