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How You Can Help Find a Solution to COVID-19




How You Can Help Find a Solution to COVID-19 - 15227

How You Can Help Find a Solution to COVID-19

The human immune system holds important clues about how people naturally detect and defend against disease. For COVID-19, many people have been able to defeat the virus because of their natural defense systems.

Now researchers are working to learn from these survivors’ immune systems to inform the development of new tests.

If you’ve been affected by COVID-19, you can help. A leader in immune-driven medicine, Adaptive Biotechnologies – which specializes in developing products based on the body’s immune response to disease – is working with Microsoft on the virtual clinical study ImmuneRACE. As part of the study, they are seeking 1,000 participants between the ages of 18-89 from major metropolitan cities in the United States who:

  • Currently have COVID-19
  • Have recently recovered from COVID-19
  • Were exposed to someone diagnosed with COVID-19

Understanding testing options. There are currently two types of tests for COVID-19: PCR tests that indicate the presence of live virus from a nose or throat swab and serology tests that indicate exposure to and potential immunity against the virus by measuring antibodies in the blood.

A third type of test could help address current challenges with testing, resulting in these scenarios:  

  • Complementary or alternative testing for individuals who have had known exposures or symptoms
  • Ability to triage patients and inform treatment strategies based on risk
  • Confirmation that individuals have recovered and are no longer infectious

Such a test could also contribute key information as part of an immune scan.

How you can get involved. To participate in the study or learn about more ways to join in the fight against COVID-19, visit ImmuneRACE.com . If you decide to participate and qualify for the study, a trained technician will travel to you to collect a de-identified blood sample in the comfort and safety of your home.

The global race for solutions. Because COVID-19 is a disease affecting communities around the world, stopping its spread requires solutions from every angle. It is the belief of Adaptive Biotechnologies and Microsoft that the answers may lie within the immune systems of those who have been impacted by the coronavirus. The de-identified data collected through this study will also be made freely available to the global scientific community to help develop other solutions.


Microsoft & Adaptive Biotechnologies


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