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Your CBD Schedule

In The CBD Kitchen, Leah Vanderveldt explains why you may want to enjoy CBD-infused eats at different times of day.
The time of day you choose to take CBD is entirely up to you. Some people prefer it first thing in the morning, especially if they have a stressful day ahead, while others opt for an evening dose to help them relax in preparation for sleep. There’s also a case for midday consumption to calm the mind in order to power through the rest of a packed afternoon.


Taking CBD in the morning can be great for:

  • aches and pains/inflammation
  • anxiety or stress about the day ahead
  • period cramps or PMS
  • low mood

If you find that taking CBD in the morning can either make you drowsy or a little too relaxed, try a smaller amount. That being said, a morning dose isn’t for everyone, and I have personally only taken it in the mornings when I’m dealing with anxiety on a regular basis or in the lead-up to my period.

Making CBD a part of a morning ritual can include mindfully making and enjoying a latte or breakfast with it. You can also take it in combination with some meditating or gentle stretching and breathing to get your blood flowing.


An afternoon serving of CBD can be useful in dealing with:

  • workday stressors
  • post-workout inflammation
  • pain management
  • lack of focus

Similar to taking CBD in the morning, taking it midday might not be perfect for everyone every day, especially if it makes you a little too relaxed when coupled with that post-lunch slump. Pay attention to what your body needs on any given day and how you might be able to effectively use CBD to help you. Personally, it’s helped me with afternoon headaches and pairs perfectly with a five-minute meditation to realign my focus.

Some useful strategies I couple with CBD in the afternoon (if I’m feeling stretched too thin, anxious, or unfocused) include taking a quick walk, eating lunch away from screens—with other people and/or outside if possible—and spending a few minutes to just sit and breathe.


CBD in the evening can help with:

  • improving sleep
  • calming that bedtime thought loop
  • relaxing and shutting down the engines
  • reducing inflammation accumulated over the course of the day

I love CBD in the evenings. It’s great if you have an overactive brain like so many of us do. You can take it about an hour before sleep to give you a restful night of shut-eye.

When I find myself still scatterbrained and wired from the day, I like to take CBD in combination with some phone- and computer-free time. I also turn down any really bright lights in favor of smaller, softer lighting—like the peachy-pink glow from a Himalayan salt lamp or warm candlelight. If I’m Netflixing it, I’ll wear my anti-blue-light glasses, turn the brightness down on my TV screen, and put my phone in another room.


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