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How to Have a Safe Night Out in Rome




Whether you are studying abroad or just passing through, Rome is home to many tourist hotspots, from the Trevi Fountain to Vatican City. One popular attraction that always seems to reel people in is the exciting nightlife. From American bars to discotheques, there is a different local bar around every corner where you can dance and meet new people from all over the world. And while the city is as welcoming as they come, it is always important to stay alert while you’re breaking down your best dance moves.

Just as you would if you were going out in your hometown, it is important to always follow the buddy system. It may seem obvious to never leave a bar or club alone but once you are out you might forget the simplest of rules. In addition to that, you should really never be alone in any circumstance when you are out—going to the bathroom, getting a drink at the bar, or showcasing your moves on the dance floor. Always have a friend with you!

Another rule of thumb that doesn’t disappear when you are out in the beautiful city of Roma is to not accept drinks from a stranger. You might make some really interesting friends from Australia or India or even from the United States, but no matter if you just met them that night or a few days earlier, do not accept a drink unless you see the bartender make it and hand it right to you.

One part of going out in Rome that is especially tricky is finding a way home. The subway system stops running around 11:30 p.m. every night so if you are planning to be out later than that, make an action plan before going out. Thankfully, Rome has Uber and Lyft so if you have one or both of those apps already, you are pretty set for making it home. Rome also has a great taxi system; they are pretty much everywhere. If your group of friends walks out to a main street, chances are several taxis will pass by in a matter of minutes. Decide what your course of action will be before you go out, because you will probably need Euros for the taxi ride.

Since there are several bars within each piazza, you might find that you want to leave one bar and walk to another. It is important for your group to be aware of the streets you are taking to get to your next stop. Rome can be very confusing to maneuver by foot and one wrong turn can lead you down a darkened alley. Remember that if your phone is in airplane mode, you can still use the maps app to make sure you are on the right path. Doing a quick google search of all the bars or clubs within walking distance before going out will also help you see which places are safest.

With a little pre-planning, some street smarts and a reliable friend, a night out in Rome can be an experience of a lifetime.


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