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Tips for Safe Traveling with Your CPAP




The time of year for travel is here now!  All over the world, this is the time that travelers get active.  Sleep apnea patients can rest assured, traveling with a CPAP is very possible and it should not hold you back from the enjoyable experience vacation can bring you.  It is vital for sleep apnea patients not to stop using a CPAP when they are on vacation; being tired every day would not make for a good vacation.  In 2016, traveling with your CPAP is easier than ever and should not be looked upon as a burden.  More good news is that as PAP machines become more of a widespread treatment for sleep apnea, they have become more widely recognized.  Some important things to remember when traveling with your CPAP :

 When At The Airport:

  • CPAP machines should always be carry-ons. Call your airline and see their specific requirements. Rules for PAP machines vary depending on the airline and the country of departure.
  • Transportation Security Administration in the United States have been gone through training about PAP machines and require them to be X-rayed. It may be helpful to bring a plastic bag to wrap it in for this process.
  • Because of recent terrorist attacks, your CPAP may be chosen at random for an Explosives Trace Detection test. This is normal and there is no reason to panic.

 In General:

  • Keep a copy of your prescription handy just in case authorities question you about the device
  • Bring plenty of extra supplies, especially cushions and nasal pillows
  • Most power supplies for CPAPs can for any voltage, and work in different countries with the proper outlet adapter.  No voltage converter necessary.

Image courtesy of www.apneapros.com.

Carlton Lewis, Guest Author, is a marketing coordinator and health blog writer for Apnea Pros.


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