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Whole Foods Offer Prostate Protection

It is difficult to think of men\’s health and not consider the prostate, since prostate cancer is the most common cancer among Canadian men. One in seven men will develop prostate cancer during his lifetime.

It is difficult to think of men’s health and not consider the prostate, since prostate cancer is the most common cancer among Canadian men. One in seven men will develop prostate cancer during his lifetime.

While most prostate cancer is diagnosed after the age of 70, prostate care should start earlier to prevent problems later. One of the simplest and most effective ways to support prostate health is by eating whole foods. Whole grains, raw nuts and seeds, vegetables, and fruits are important for the prevention of any cancer, including prostate cancer. Many whole foods reduce the risk of developing prostate cancer.

Zinc-rich foods: A deficiency in the mineral zinc has been connected to poor prostate health. Zinc is not only nourishing to the prostate but also essential for male hormone production. Foods with high zinc content include pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds, cashews, mushrooms, spinach, whole grains, and seafood (especially oysters).

Garlic: This powerful herb has been preventing disease since Hippocrates recommended it centuries ago. Today studies show that those who eat fresh garlic daily have lower rates of cancer than those who do not. Traditionally, one clove per day has been used as a cancer preventive. Garlic is thought to help prevent prostate cancer in many ways, for example by aiding in the breakdown of the hormone testosterone and by enhancing immune function.

Lycopene-containing foods: The red pigment in tomatoes is thought to reduce prostate cancer risk. Lycopene is made more available by cooking. Enjoy homemade tomato soups, stews, and sauces. Other foods that offer this cancer-fighting boost include strawberries, watermelons, and pink grapefruits.

High-fibre foods: We often think of heart health in relation to high-fibre foods, but a lack of fibre is also linked to prostate cancer. The fibre in vegetables, fruits, and whole grains help to eliminate toxins from the body. Try leafy green vegetables and whole grains such as barley, quinoa, buckwheat (or kasha), wild rice, brown rice, and oats.

Essential fatty acids: Some experts say there is a direct correlation between red meat consumption and prostate cancer. Researchers theorize that a diet high in saturated fat increases the levels of testosterone in the body, which stimulates the prostate, along with any cancerous cells. Essential fats, on the other hand, are necessary for proper body function and have anti-inflammatory properties. They are found in fresh seeds, nuts, and wild fish.

Protecting the prostate can be a delicious journey of discovering health through whole foods. For more information about prostate health, men’s health, and the health of the entire family, consider investing in the alive Academy of Natural Health distance-education course, Family Health & Nutrition. The course offers both specific and general advice about nutrition, lifestyle, emotional health, environmental concerns, supplementation, herbs, homeopathic remedies, healing therapies, and help for common conditions. For information about this course and others, please call 1-800-663-6580 or visit aliveacademy.com.


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