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5 Healthy Days in Warsaw




Old Town in Warsaw, PolandWarsaw is easily the mecca of Poland’s culture. This city is home to some of the country’s best museums and a thriving music scene. On any given day in Warsaw, you can find an edgy street fest or a Chopin-inspired music festival.

This city, being located between Nazi Germany and the Soviet Union in 1939, was essentially flattened during World War II. Ever since, Warsaw has been working tirelessly to rebuild itself and replace what was lost. That makes it a fascinating place to visit.

Here is your itinerary for five healthy days in Poland’s capital.

Day 1

Breakfast: Start your day at Café 6/12. Here you can fuel up on scrambled eggs and a fresh smoothie.

Workout: Walk or jog through the sprawling Saxon Gardens. This was the city’s first public park and it was modeled after the French gardens at Versailles. Your workout scenery will consist of gardens filled with chestnut trees and Baroque statues. Definitely better than the treadmill!

Lunch: Head to Qllinarnia for a piece of the European classic quiche.

Mind/Body Balance: The Nożyk Synagogue is the city’s only synagogue to survive WWII. Built between 1898 and 1902 in neo-Romanesque style, it is still used for religious purposes today.

Must-See Attraction: The Warsaw Rising Museum is one of the best museums in the city. This modern museum, which is housed in a restored redbrick power station, retraces the history of the Rising through three levels of interactive displays, photographs, film archives and the personal accounts of those who survived WWII.

Dinner: Feast on a healthy version of the traditional pierogi (dumpling) at Fit and Green restaurant. The lentil and carrot pierogis pack in a healthy dose of fiber, protein and veggies.

Day 2

Breakfast: The Green Peas Eco Bar & Café is a great place to eat healthy – everything is made from organic products free from genetic modifications and chemicals. In addition, they don’t have a microwave on the premises, nothing is deep-fried and they usually use dates as a substitute for sugar to maintain their quest for natural cooking.

Workout: Scale a rock-climbing wall at W Pionie for a full-body workout.

Lunch: Take a break from sightseeing for lunch at Kitchen. We recommend you dine on their fresh quinoa salad.

Mind/Body Balance: Make a trip to the 18th Century Evangelical Church – its dome is the largest in Warsaw.

Must-See Attraction: The Palace of Culture & Science sits in the city’s financial district and rises high above the surrounding skyscrapers. Built between 1952 and 1955, it remains the tallest building in Poland. On a clear day, you can see the entire city from its viewing terrace on the 30th floor.

Dinner: End your day at Greenway, a vegetarian and vegan restaurant. The veggie curry dish is a great healthy option that will fill you up while remaining healthy.

Day 3

Breakfast: Get energized for your day at Dolce & Vegan restaurant with Zielony Talerz (green plate) brimming with soy sausage, beans in tomato sauce, tomato, mushrooms and toasted bread.

Workout: Head to the Botanical Gardens for a scenic run.

Lunch: Dine on Israeli fare at Mezze Hummus & Falafel. We suggest you head right to the salad bar, which is stocked with fresh vegetables and humus.

Mind/Body Balance:  The core exhibition at the brand new POLIN Museum of the History of Polish Jews in Warsaw, which officially opened October 28, presents the life and culture of Polish Jews throughout 1000 years of history, from the beginning of their presence in Poland until now.

Must-See Attraction: Take in the amazing architecture of the Ujazdów Castle. The original castle was burned down by the Germans in 1944, blown up by the communists in 1954 and then was eventually rebuilt in the 1970s. This castle houses revolving modern art exhibits from the Centre for Contemporary Art.

Dinner: Enjoy roasted pumpkin with a spicy plum-balsamic sauce at Vege Miasto.


Day 4

Breakfast: You’ll feel great all day after you start your day with a green shake from Kępa Café.

Workout: Stop in at Diamond Pilates Studio & Academy for Pilates classes at any level.

Lunch: Pick up a quick and healthy lunch at Organic Corner Food Store and Bistro. They have a fresh, healthy soup option every day such as borscht or vegetable soup. It’ll give you boost you need to finish your day of sightseeing.

Mind/Body Balance: Relax and let your mind unwind at the Holmes Place Spa, which is known for its thalassotherapy treatment that combines body wraps, hydromassage and scrubs designed to tone, moisturize, revitalize and replenish the body.

Must-See Attraction: Feast your eyes on a small but fine assembly of Polish folk art and crafts at the Ethnographic Museum.

Dinner: Dine on Moroccan restaurant Marrakesh’s main dish of Moussaka, which consists of eggplant, zucchini, potatoes, baked with béchamel sauce, served with sauces and salad.


Day 5

Breakfast: Start your day at Mysa with this eatery’s “galactic granola” – fresh baked granola paired with fresh fruit and yogurt.

Workout: Make your way over to Warsaw’s Marriott hotel, where their fitness facility became famous for a viral video of President Barack Obama working out. For a fee, you can drop into one of their many classes.

Lunch: Recharge at Du-za Mi-ha, a local Vietnamese restaurant. This spot is known for its pho – which is always very healthy choice.

Mind/Body Balance: Make your way to the Royal Castle, which is a spectacular copy of the original brick edifice that was blown up by the Germans toward the end of WWII. Take a tour of the castle for a mind-expanding history lesson.

Must-See Attraction: The Zachęta Gallery of Modern Art is a beautiful neoclassical temple that stages temporary exhibitions of contemporary art.

Dinner: End your trip on a high note at Kaskrut with a dish of mackerel with beetroot and wasabi.


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