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Mountains You Can Climb Without Risking Your Life




Climb_a_mountainAnyone whose bucket list includes scaling the world’s highest mountains but is too cautious to take on the treacherous beast that is Mt. Everest, this list is for you. Traveling across exotic paths to the peak of a towering snow-capped mountain is a dream for many. And even though it doesn’t seem like you’ve accomplished an incredible feat unless you’ve climbed the most difficult one of all, we’re here to say there isn’t any reason why you can’t enjoy mountain climbing without having to take out an extra life insurance policy.

So if you’re feeling like you need to cross another item off that bucket list this year, check out some of these incredible climbs around the world.

Jebel Toubkal, Morocco
Surprisingly, the highest mountain in North Africa is not too difficult a climb for our fit travelers. You’ll need two days to walk to the summit, which is at 4167m above sea level. But if that sounds like a long journey, don’t worry— there’s a refuge halfway through the climb. And for travelers who plan on bringing plenty of healthy snacks, mules are available for renting and carrying your extra supplies. A local guide is also available to bring you to the top without a problem. The only somewhat-difficult part of the journey? The mountain’s famous scree slopes, which are made up of tiny rocks that can be challenging to walk on. But with some swift and careful steps, you should get past them without a problem.

Mount Khuiten, Mongolia
Straddling the edges of Russia, China, and Mongolia, Mt. Khuiten is the perfect destination for any type of climber. Depending on your climbing comfort level, you can choose one of two ways to experience the mountain: climb the Khuiten Peak, which is the highest climb in Mongolia at 4375m, or tour the remote region at the bottom of the mountain. Either way, you’ll be sure to enjoy the beautiful green steppes, the rolling Altai Mountains, and the friendliness of local nomads.

Mount Sinai, Egypt
At 2285m, Mount Sinai is a stunning climb with vast views of barren lands, jagged mountains, and deep valleys— oh yeah, and it’s also the place where Moses received the Ten Commandments according to the Jewish, Christian, and Muslim faiths. If you decide not to take a camel ride to the peak, you can still reach the top by foot in only two and a half hours. And if you get there at the right time in the evening, you can take part in a dawn vigil at the top of this sacred mountain.

Mount Olympus, Greece
Another sacred mountain that’s considered to be the home of the Olympian gods stands at 2918m above sea level. It’s only a two-day climb to the highest peak, Mytikas, and there are numerous trails that you can take to the top. Around 10,000 people make the climb each year.

Table Mountain, South Africa
Located in Cape Town along the coast of South Africa, Table Mountain is one of the most popular sights and tourist attractions in the country. And yes, it is flat on the top, just like a table. Although you can take one of three hundred walking paths to the top, the Platteklip Gorge route is known for being one of the most manageable, and should only take about three hours. And after you get to the top and snap a few pictures, feel free to refuel at the conveniently located café before your trek down. Or if you’re exhausted, you can always take a cable car back to the bottom.

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