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Healthy snacks for travelingWhen preparing for an upcoming vacation, how many of you take time out of doing laundry, folding clothes, confirming trip details, etc. to pack snacks for your trip? 

There are tons of little details you need to sort out before traveling, and it can be easy to forget to bring along a sandwich or some apples. It is, after all, not as horrible as forgetting to pack other necessities, such as a passport or, ya know, underwear.

But if you consider how food impacts your health – and the enjoyment of your trip – you might want to start creating a healthy snack pack before you go.  Sure, you can grab some chips or a Danish at the airport, but then you may be faced with the discomfort of indigestion, bloating, and fatigue.

An unbalanced diet can prevent us from being healthy, energetic, sharp of mind, and can lead to health issues including high blood pressure, heart disease, and weight gain. And there’s no reason our healthy eating habits have to stop on the road, or even in the airport. For some of the best healthy travel snacks, be sure to include a variety of the following:

  • Fruit such as apples, bananas, and clementines will keep well during a trip and keep energy levels high and a sweet tooth satisfied. You can also pack various dried fruits, but these generally are higher in sugar.
  • Almonds or assorted unsalted nuts are a great snack that’s high in healthy fats (yes, your body needs these too!) and will keep you feeling nice and full between meals.
  • Beef jerky is a great protein-filled snack that’s low in carbs. Note: You may need to skip this snack if you’re watching your sodium intake.
  • Cereal like Kashi or Cheerios is a perfect snack remedy for that mid-day lull.
  • Non-fat yogurt will need to be packed in a cooler bag and consumed early on, but it ‘s a good snack/small meal to help with digestion and prevent fatigue.
  • Turkey sandwiches made with low-fat cheese and whole wheat bread combines all of the main food groups and is a must-have for your snack pack. Prepare sandwiches at home prior to your trip, and go light on the condiments!
  • Water is ones of the basic essentials we each need to make it through the day, so be sure to pack plenty of water bottles. 

Avoid snacks like potato chips and cookies, which are high in sodium and calories. Try also to stick to one cup of coffee to kick-start your morning, or avoid it altogether to prevent dehydration and having to pull over at rest stops every hour.


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